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About ACPP

Africa Community Partnership Programmes (ACPP) is a non-profit making organization. ACPP was founded in 2010 as a Local CBO in bushenyi, because of increased HIV prevalence and the vulnerability it has exposed to young children, women, and other sections of the community.

Our Legal Status

Registration Authority: NGO BUREAU
Registration No: INDR145402283NB
Operating License: MIA/NB/2019/06/2283
Company Limited by Guarantee: Reg No. 80020001860854

Our Address

Katooma Cell, Kagongo, Ibanda
P.O. Box 322 - Ibanda (Western Uganda)
Email 1: info [at]
Email 2: africacommunityprogrammes [at]
Phone:  +256-777 305038 |+256-701 881774