Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision
Africa Community Partnership Programmes desires to ensure that all the people in the target area have a sustainable livelihood, have access to basic education, healthcare, and a safe environment.

Mission Statement
To promote quality education, save and improve the lives of those in need and enhance their well- being by creating health, social, economic and environmental conditions in which they can thrive.

To promote quality education for vulnerable children, reduce HIV trauma, and improve maternal health for pregnant mothers in our society.

Our Objectives
ACPP works towards achieving the following objectives for the benefit of its target group of vulnerable children, pregnant women, HIV victims, and other vulnerable community members.
a) To create awareness on blood donation
b) Tosensitisevulnerablepregnantmotherstodeliverfromhealthfacilities
c) To sensitize the community on cervical cancer spread and prevention
d) To support children and youth attain education and hands-on skills training for self
e) To promote Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health, prevention and protection against
HIV transmission and people in communities.
f) To build a strong volunteer network across Uganda who will reach out to vulnerable
communities and create awareness about HIV prevention and treatment information, skills
for their development and advocating for the rights.
g) To raise awareness and information about children, youth and women growth and
development, equal access, equal opportunities, equal participation within the community

About ACPP

Africa Community Partnership Programmes (ACPP) is a non-profit making organization. ACPP was founded in 2010 as a Local CBO in bushenyi, because of increased HIV prevalence and the vulnerability it has exposed to young children, women, and other sections of the community.

Our Legal Status

Registration Authority: NGO BUREAU
Registration No: INDR145402283NB
Operating License: MIA/NB/2019/06/2283
Company Limited by Guarantee: Reg No. 80020001860854

Our Address

Katooma Cell, Kagongo, Ibanda
P.O. Box 322 - Ibanda (Western Uganda)
Email 1: info [at] acppafrica.org
Email 2: africacommunityprogrammes [at] gmail.com
Phone:  +256-777 305038 |+256-701 881774